1.1.             Definitions

In this Policy, capitalised words and expression have the meanings given to them in clause 4 (Dictionary).

1.2.             Collection Statement

1.1.1.          In order to deliver products and services to You, We will collect, use and disclose Your Confidential Information. We will only collect, use and disclose Your Confidential Information for such purposes in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1.1.2.               Your privacy is important to Us. For that reason, please read this Privacy Policy carefully and get in contact with Us if you have any questions. You can contact Us through the contact details published on Our Website

1.3.             Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may, at any time and from time to time, make changes to this Privacy Policy, and We are not required to notify You of any changes We make. However, if We make, or intend to make, a change that materially and detrimentally affects You, We will give You 30 days’ notice of that change before We implement it. Your acceptance of any such notified change will be deemed to be given if You continue to use Our Website or provide Us with Your Confidential Information after the 30 days has expired. For the purposes of this clause 1.3, You agree that publishing any notifiable change on the Website is sufficient notice.

1.4.             Your Agreement

By using Our Website or any product or service offered through Our Website, You agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and are taken to have read and understood the terms of this Privacy Policy.


2.1.           Collection of Your Confidential Information

2.1.1.               We may collect Your Confidential Information from You in the course of Your use of Our Website, particularly if You input any of Your Confidential Information into Our Website.

2.1.2.               In some circumstances, the provision of Your Confidential Information may be optional.

1.1.3.               We do not, however, collect any Sensitive Information about You.

2.1.4.               The purpose for which We collect You Confidential Information is to provide You with the best service experience possible on Our Website. However, if You do not provide Us with certain types of Your Confidential Information, You may be unable to enjoy the full functionality of Our Website

2.2.          Use of Your Confidential Information

2.2.1.               We may use Your Confidential Information to grant You access to Our Website, or in delivering to You any product or service We offer through Our Website.

2.2.2.               We may also use Your Confidential Information to provide You with information about offers, promotions, goods or services, which We believe may be of interest to You.

2.3.          Disclosure of Your Confidential Information

We will only disclose Your Confidential Information to Our service providers who assist Us in operating Our Website. We will only disclose Your Confidential Information to an unrelated third party with Your consent.

2.4.          Access and correction of Your Confidential Information

APP12 allows You to get access to, and correct, Your Confidential Information that We hold about You in certain circumstances. If You would like to obtain such access, please contact Us through the contact details published on Our Website.

2.5.          Security of Your Confidential Information

We have processes in place to ensure the security of Your Confidential Information, including encryption of all data when it is transferred to Our service providers and limitations on access to Your Confidential Information within Our organization.

2.6.          Transfer of Your Confidential Information out of Australia

Our Website may not be hosted in Australia. For that reason, We may transfer all data on Our Website (including all Your Confidential Information) to Our hosting service provider in such other jurisdictions in which Our Website is hosted, including Asia, Europe and the United States of America. You hereby consent to this transfer.


3.1.           Cookies

3.1.1.               In collecting Your Confidential Information, We may use Analytical Tools, but only in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You Confidential Information may also be subject to Analytical Tools used by Our service providers and other authorized third parties.

3.1.2.               You may, though Your device used to access Our Website, reject the use of Analytical Tools.

3.2.          Complaints – IDR

If You have a concern or a complaint in relation to Our collection, use or disclosure of Your Confidential Information, You should contact Us with that concern or complaint. We will endeavor to resolve any concern or complaint expeditiously in consultation with You.

3.3.          Complaints – EDR

If You are unhappy with Our resolution of Your concern or complaint under clause 3.2 or We do not resolve it within 30 days, You may lodge Your concern or complaint with the OAIC at:


Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Address:  GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001

Phone:  1300 363 992





Analytical Tools


Credit Information

Credit Eligibility Information


Personal Information

Privacy Act

Privacy Policy

Sensitive Information



Your Confidential Information



means any method, program or tool which measures, collects and analyses web data and visitor behaviour on a website, including without limitation cookies, web beacons AWStats and Google Analytics.

means an Australian Privacy Principle as set out in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act, and by way of example, “APP6” is a reference to Australian Privacy Principle 6.

has the meaning given to it in section 6 of the Privacy Act.

has the meaning given to it in section 6 of the Privacy Act.

means Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

has the meaning given to it in section 6 of the Privacy Act.

means the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

means this privacy policy as amended from time to time.

has the meaning given to it in section 6 of the Privacy Act.

means Playground Management (AUS) Pty Ltd ACN 632 704 931, and We and Our have a corresponding meaning.

means any person who accesses or uses Our Website, and as the context permits includes that person’s officers, employees, contractors, or agents.

in relation to You, any Personal Information, Credit Information and Credit Eligibility Information.

means any website maintained by Us from time to time, including the website on which this Privacy Policy is published or otherwise made available for download, and any electronic booking system maintained by Us.